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These family names are related through my great, great grandmother. Her name was Amelia Ann (Cole) Hayes, wife to Sanford Eugene Hayes.

Amelia and Truman Cole
Late 1860's

Amelia Ann (Cole) Hayes was born on May 27, 1863 in Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania. Her parents were Amasa Cole and Betsy Ann Wilkins. Amelia was married to Sanford Eugene Hayes on Christmas Day of 1878 in Azalia, Monroe County, Michigan. Amelia died in 1948 in Standish, Arenac County, Michigan.

Sanford and Amelia Ann (Cole) Hayes

She had one brother named Truman Cole who was a Police Officer in Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County, Michigan. Her father died shortly after Truman was born in December of 1864. After the death of her father, Amasa Cole, the family moved from Pennsylvania to Monroe County, Michigan where they lived with Betsy Ann (Wilkins) Coles' parents. They were Oscar Wilkins and Amelia Ann Pasco. After Betsy Ann (Wilkins) Coles' husband Amasa died, she was remarried to a Charles Canfield. With her new husband Charles Canfield, Betsy had two more children, Adaline Canfield and Bernice Canfield. I will get back to Betsy shortly.

Amelia Ann (Cole) Hayes

Amasa Cole was the son of Hiram Cole, and his mother had the last name of Russell. He was born in Waterford, Pennsylvania and died in 1864 in Erie. Amasa was one of seven children born to Hiram Cole and his wife. They were (1)Amasa, (2)Hiram, (3)Alice, (4)Russell, (5)Bina, (6)Curtis, and (7)Matthew. It is belived that the family was Pennsylvania Dutch. The 1850 census of the area lists Hiram Cole's wife as Cynthia. At the time they lived next door to the Russell family, leading me to believe her name was Cynthia Russell. It also lists Hiram as 'Henry'. It may have been a nickname for Hiram. Nothing else is known about the history of the Cole family.

Amelias' mother, Betsy Ann Wilkins, was born on May 29, 1844 in Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Issac Oscar Wilkins and Amelia Pasco. Oscar and Amelia had six children total. They were (1)Asa, (2)Betsy Ann, (3)Almeron Lamott, (4)Sardius Luther, (5)Ambrose Pasco, and (6)Perry B. Wilkins. Betsy died in 1905 in Maple Ridge Township, Arenac County, Michigan. Her oldest brother, Asa was taken prisoner during the battle of Gettysburg in the Civil War. He was sent to Andersonville Prison and died there on March 17, 1861.

Oscar Wilkins was born on April 18, 1817 in Bloomfield, New York. He was married to Amelia Pasco on April 8, 1840 in Chautauqua County, New York.

Amelia Pasco was the daughter of Abel Ambrose Pasco and Anna Barnes. Anna was born in 1790, Abel born in 1794. Abel Ambrose Pasco was the son of Abel Pasco and Sarah Ferguson. Abel Pasco was a veteran of the War of 1812. He died in Leslie, Michigan.

Anna Barnes was the daughter of John Coon Barnes and Joanna Mallroy. John Coon Barnes was born October 24, 1761 in Killingly Township, Windham Co, Connecticut. Joanna Mallory was born in 1766 and died in 1812. John Coon Barnes and Joanna Mallory married sometime before 1786. John Barnes was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. He was the son of James E. Barnes and Lydia Coon.

James E. Barnes was born on April 22, 1732 in Killingly Township, Windham Co, Connecticut. He was the son of James E Barnes and Elizabeth Lorton. James E. Barnes died sometime after 1771.

Back to Abel Pasco and Sarah Ferguson....Abel was the son of John Pasco and Deliverance White. John Pasco was born on May 19, 1722 in Stafford Connecticut. His wife Deliverance was born July 20, 1721, daughter of William White and Patience Eddy. This John Pasco died sometime before 1810 in Warren, in Washington County, New York.

John Pasco was the son of John Pasco and Rebecca Terry. This John Pasco was born on July 15, 1689 in Salem, Massachusetts. He was married to Rebecca Terry on January 12, 1711/12 in Enfield Connecticut. Rebecca Terry was the daughter of Samuel Terry and Hannah Morgan. Rebecca was born on November 16, 1692 in Enfield, Connecticut. She died July 5, 1755 in Stafford, Connecticut.

John Pasco was the son of Hugh Pasco and Mary Pease. Hugh Pasco was born about 1645 in England. Mary Pease was born October 15, 1643 in Salem, Massachusetts. They were married on Jan 12, 1711/12 in Enfield, Connecticut. Hugh Pasco was previously married to a Sarah Woodland.

Mary Pease was the daughter of John Pease Sr. and Mary Goodale. John Pease Sr. was born February 11, 1631/32 Great Baddow, Essex, England. His wife Mary was born in 1630 in Essex, England. John Pease Sr.'s father Robert Pease was born October 28, 1589. His wifes name was Marie. His second wife was Lydia.

Ready to keep going? Robert Pease was the son of of Robert Pease, born about 1543. This Robert Pease was married to a Margaret King. This Robert Pease was the son of another Robert Pease. The first Robert Pease was the son of John Pease who was born in 1492...the same year Christopher Columbus discovered America.

Going back two paragraphs to Robert Pease and his first wife Marie....They had a son named Nathaniel. Nathaniel's wife Mary and his father Robert were incarcarated during the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Another relative, Sarah Pease, was the unlucky one. She was burned at the stake. Click here for the full story.


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Family Photo Album

Ambrose Pasco Wilkins

Photograph of Ambrose Pasco Wilkins, son of Oscar Wilkins and Amelia Pasco taken in 1924

Perry B. Wilkins
Another son of Oscar Wilkins and Amelia Pasco taken in 1924

Ambros and Kate Wilkins
Wedding photo of Ambrose P. Wilkins and his wife Kate Stephens taken in 1883 in Missouri

Hayes and Wilkins Relatives!

I recently received a photo album from someone by Monroe, Michigan. It was a photo album that was bought at a garage sale. The album was addressed to "Mrs. S.L. Wilkins" who was Mrs. Sardius Luther Wilkins. He is connected through his father, who was the grandfather of Amelia Ann (Cole) Hayes (would be a great grandfather to Ben Hayes). The album is in excellent condition, however none of the photos are identified. Please take a few minutes to view these photos to see if you have ever seen these photos before. If you have any information, please email me at
Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, Set 4, Set 5, Set 6, Set 7, Set 8, Set 9, Set 10 Set 11 Set 12

Set 5 - has "Leo Muzzy, Age 7" on the back, however I don't have this name in my family file. The photo album was put together in 1902 so he would have been born before 1895.

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