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Hello! I've posted some pictures here of our visit throughout Michigan. We were gone about 1 1/2 weeks and hit many places in Michigan. The vacation of course wasn't long enough but we got to visit places and people all over West Michigan. We arrived home Thursday greeted by high winds, lightning, tornado warnings and a power outage.

McCully House Hotel

The former McCully House hotel was built by James McCully in the 1870's. He owned the hotel until approximately 1905 when it was sold to the Defrance Family. In the 1950's it became a bar and hotel, before the owners did away with the hotel. We met the current owner who lives in Lansing, Michigan. I shared some photos with her and she shared stories about the house with me including some old ghost stories. Here are some of the photos I took of the of the hotel:

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7

Suttons Bay, Michigan
We had an interesting visit in Suttons Bay, Michigan. I met with a cousin from the side of Gertrude McCully's mother, Jennifer (Deuster) Steimel. I also met with another Steimel cousin while I was there. Both had incredible historical information on the family. The farm home where the Deuster Family lived is still standing and owned by the family. Both sides of the farm have been filled in with multi-unit condos, but the old farm house still stands strong. We walked down to the beach which has the informal name of "Deuster Point". We also walked through the old barn of John H. Deuster. With the owners permission, I took a souvenier which was an old barrel lid marked "Eli Lilly & Co. Chemists, Indianapolis, Ind.". John H. Deuster used to dabble in horse and vet medicines, and the barrels which had this lid probably contained some of the old chemicals for his work.
I also got to visit the old school where Gertrude McCully graduated from. One of the cousins I mentioned visiting is the son of her classmate. I then got to see the inside of St. Michaels Catholic Church which is where William and Gertrude (Steimel) were married in 1905.
We then visited the cemetery which is full of our ancestors. Our guide took us up a long path to show us the graves of our Deuster connection. It's away from the normal cemetery, 100 paces up a narrow path in the woods by an old thorn tree. Like something you would see in an old treasure hunt movie.
I also learned that one of our relatives on the Deuster side now plays minor league baseball for the California Angels. His name is Adam Pavkovich. I'll post a few other vacation photos in this section that I thought might be interesting.

Adam Pavkovich, Minor League Photo
Deuster Ancestrial Home, Suttons Bay
St Michaels School (where Gertrude McCully graduated)
Shell's mom getting help washing dishes
Kids during their visit in Suttons Bay