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I presently have located family members who served in the War of 1812, Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Gulf War as well as several foreign wars that did not involve the United States.

Emil Steimel (middle)
Wounded in World War I

* - denotes killed during service

Name Branch of Service KIA
Alli, David U.S. Marines
Alli, Eugene U.S. Army
Chalker, William S Union Army (Civil War)
Foster, Jeff U.S. Army
Foster, Vernon D U.S. Army
Hayalan, Dean U.S. Navy
Hayes, Benjamin E. U.S. Air Force
Hayes, David W. U.S. Army
Hayes, Eugene Lyle U.S. Marines
Hayes, George Field U.S. Army
Hayes, Horace Union Army (Civil War)
Hayes, James Ashley U.S. Army
Hayes, John U.S. Air Force
Hayes, Ralph Horth U.S. Army
Hayes, Robert U.S. Army
Hayes, Victor Earl U.S. Coast Guard
Hayes, William U.S. Army Air Force
Hayes, Victor Robert U.S. Army
Klink, Robert U.S. Navy
Klink, Warren U.S. Navy
LaCaprucia, Steven U.S. Air Force
McCully, Donald U.S. Army
McCully, James Union Army (Civil War)
McCully, Richard P U.S. Navy
McCully, William E. U.S. Navy
McGregor, Alexander Kent Co. Militia (Canada)
McGregor, Carson U.S. Army
McGregor, James Kent Co. Militia (Canada)
Pasco, Abel Ambrose New York Militia (War 1812)
Roman, Charles U.S. Navy
Roman, William U.S. Army
Steimel, Emil B. U.S. Army
Steimel, George R. U.S. Army
Sutherland, Col. Castle NY Militia (War of 1812)
Wilkins, Asa Pennsylvania Calvary

Eugene Lyle Hayes, U.S.M.C.

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