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The families of Blackburn and Sutherland are related through Nancy Blackburn, the wife of Sanford B. Hayes. Nancy Ann Blackburn was born in 1842, daughter of Hiram Tunis Blackburn and Elizabeth Castle Sutherland. Elizabeth Castle Sutherland was the daughter of Colonel Castle Sutherland and Nancy Ann Gardner. Castle Sutherland was the son of John William Sutherland and Betsy Castle. He was born Nov 11, 1790 in Geneva, New York. He was married there to Nancy Ann Gardner on November 27, 1813.

The Sutherland Family is as follows: John William Sutherland was born March 4, 1765 in Chatham, Columbia County, New York. He was married to Betsy Castle November 8, 1785. Betsy was born in 1771 in New York State. They later moved to Indiana. John William Sutherland died in 1846 in Cass County, Indiana.

John William Sutherland was the son of William J. Sutherland and Hannah Sutherland. This is where the famiy tree gets confusing as Hannah Sutherland's maiden name WAS Sutherland. William J. Sutherland was born on May 25, 1741 in Scotland. He died in Chatham, New York. His wife Hannah Sutherland was born January 18 1746/47. Hannah Sutherland was the daughter of David Sutherland and Judith Griffin Palmer.

Judith Griffith Palmer was born February 9, 1723/24 and died April 13, 1790. David Sutherland was the son of William Sutherland Jr. and Hannah Avery. William Sutherland Jr. was born between 1690 - 1700 in either New York or Connecticut. This William Sutherland was also born in Scotland.

The father of Nancy Blackburn, Hiram T. Blackburn was born on March 9, 1819 in Seneca, New York. Hiram Tunis Blackburn was the son of Julius Krista Blackburn and Mary Laycock. Julius Krista Blackburn was born December 24, 1779 in New Jersey. Mary Laycock was born on April 30, 1787 in Virginia. I have found no further records on the Blackburn line.

Mary Laycock was the daughter of David Laycock and Rachel Swick. David Laycock was born on August 17, 1765 in New Jersey. His wife Rachel Swick was born March 3, 1768 in New Germantown, New Jersey. They were married March of 1786 in Virginia. David died before 1840 in Jackson, Michigan. Rachel died after 1840. David Laycock was the son of John Laycock.

Rachel Swick was the daughter of Tunis Swick and Rachel Rose. Tunis Swick was born Before 1743 in New Jersey. Rachel Rose was born March 25, 1744 in Readington, New Jersey. They were married in 1762 in Hunterdon, New Jersey. Tunis died in 1790 in Virginia. Rachel died February 5, 1817 in Seneca County, New York. Rachel was the daughter of Johannies Roes.

Tunis Swick was the son of Johannis Swick and Barbara Covert. Johannis Swick was born in 1705 in Erlenbach, Germany. Barbara Covert was born October 26, 1709 in Raritan, Somerset County, New Jersey. They were married in 1729 in New Jersey.

Johannis Swick was the son of Matthys Swick and Veronica Volle Zwicksen, presumably both German born.

Barbara Coverts line goes quite a ways back. Barbara Covert was the daughter of Hans 'John' Yan Teunisse Covert (also spelled Coovaard) and Jane Brokaw (also spelled Brouccard). Hans Covert was born in 1653 in Brooklyn, New York. His wife Jane Brokaw was born November 17, 1667 in Mannheim, Germany. They were married in 1689 in Brooklyn, New York. For more information on the Covert line from Holland to the United States, click here.

Hans Covert was the son of Teunis Janse Covert and Barbara Janse Lucas Vankeesel. Teunis Janse Covert was born in 1625 in Heemstedt, North Holland in the Netherlands. His wife Barbara Janse Lucas Vankeesel was born in 1625, in the Province of Noordt, Holland. They were married in 1645 in Zwoorg, Province of Noordt, Holland. In 1651, the family immigrated to the United States. Barbara was the daughter of Lucas Vankeesel who was born sometime before 1608.

Back to Barbara Coverts mother, Jane Brokaw. Jane Brokaw was the daughter of Bourgon Brokaw (also spelled Brouccard) and Catherine Lefevre.

Courtesy of the Livingston County Historical Society

Among the early settlers of the city of Ann Arbor no name is more familiar to the people of Washtenaw than that of Col. Sutherland, and perhaps it may be said that no name is more carefully treasured or will be longer remembered by those who knew him. Col. Sutherland was born in Geneva, N.Y., Nov. 11, 1790. In 1828 he came to Ann Arbor, where he remained until 1834, when he removed to the town of Deerfield, where he purchased a farm, and where he lived until about 1850 when he returned to Ann Arbor, where he resided until his death, which occurred July 13, 1862. Col. Sutherland was a gentleman of the old school, a man of sterling integrity, with a firm and unswerving devotion to the right. Patriotism was one of the prominent points in his character. He enlisted in the war of 1812, and was employed by the government in making and repairing guns, which avocation he subsequently followed many years. During the war of the Rebellion he was frequently heard to express regret that he had not strength to bear arms in the defense of his country.

Col. Sutherland was prominently identified with Deerfield. He held many positions of trust, and was everywhere recognized as a man of ability, a kind neighbor, and a firm friend.

Solomon Sutherland, the youngest in a family of eleven, was born in Scio, in 1833. He resided in Deerfield until he came to Green Oak in 1860 where he now resides. He married Miss Myers, a granddaughter of John Myers, one of the town's first settlers.

Columbia Counties History and Mystery
Excellent website for the Chatham area including recent photos of the Sutherland Family graveyard in Columbia County.

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